The mightiest of swords... is the keyboard.

4 July

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well hello tharr.
i'm julie. 20 - but let's admit it, i probably act 12 more than 20. currently attending cosmetology school.
i'm a total BAMF. okay, sometimes. ...okay, never. D:
i'm quite the n3rd. but that's okay - last i heard we're "in."
i quite enjoy: coloring my hair (its current color is teal and turquoise), music, movies, cooking - i'm freaking amazing - melissa mccarthy, superheroes, and my chinchilla thor.
while you probably won't find me making any sims cc, you can definitely look for my legacies + sims downloads. (:
even an occasional rant and ramble about ze soap opera that is my life. bahaha.

anyways, i do look forwarding to making some new friends and hopefully, entertaining you all with my legacies!